The Details
Sign-up on the Poster located in the Mail Club Lobby
See you on July 22nd at 4pm

1st Stop
4pm to 5pm
Gathering Location:
On the Grass at the North End of G-Dock - Right in front of Goldie's Boat
If your are on:
Docks R, Q, O, N, M, L, K, J, G
Please Bring:
Pre-dinner cocktails & appetizers 

2nd Stop
5pm to 6pm
Gathering Location:
Between C & D Docks
If you are on:
Docks B through F
Please Bring:  Warm & Savory or salad type appetizers & dinner cocktails
3rd Stop
6pm to 7pm
Gathering Location:
At the end of A-Dock
If you are on:
Docks A, S, or AA
Please Bring:  Deserts and after-dinner cocktails.