Frequently asked questions

What is the Latitude and Longitude of CIC?

The approximate Lat-Long for the CIC channel entrance is
N 41 34 304 W 082 51 312

Do I need to worry about water depths in and around CIC harbor?

News on the water levels for 2011! Water levels are below 100 year average, right now we are 4 inches lower than 2010, so take care in shallow areas, and look at your charts. Within the harbor pay special attention to near shore areas wherever we have stone "rip-rap" along the edge. Another area to avoid is along the wall between B and C docks. In the lake outside of the CIC channel keep in mind that while we have dredged again this year, and the lake depth in our channel area is good, that the best route for your vessel is approximately between the center of the channel and the Davis-Besse cooling tower.
You are responsible for your vessel, so please do your best to find the best path for you and your boat. Please do your best to avoid going too far north towards the shore when coming in or going out, the water becomes shallow as you move towards shore. 

Anything else to worry about in the channel area?

Yes. Please be aware that the Park Rangers at the Catawba State Park are watching how your wake affects the state pier. Remember to keep your wake minimum until your vessel is well clear of the state pier. Complaints are usually generated by persons using the pier, be aware that the Rangers have no problems coming to CIC harbor to "visit" you if there is a complaint.