Enjoy the convenience of first class storage facilities

Over the past 25 years our marine services have evolved to those which our customers have come to appreciate for their quality, ease of understanding, and value. Our customers have found that when thorough comparisons are made to the value of the services we provide, we compare very favorably to that provided by our many fine competitors in the area.

With our rates, you may have confidence that there are no hidden charges and our storage program includes:
  • All storage rates include all hoist charges, both fall haul-out and spring launch.
  • At no extra charge, CIC will move your boat from your Catawba dock in the fall and return it to your Catawba dock in the spring. Whenever practical, we will utilize the hoist at your home port.
  • Storage rates also include pump out, pressure spraying painted bottoms and all shorting fees.
  • If you choose to bring your boat to the facility on its trailer, bottom washed and ready to put away, CIC will provide a $5.00 per lineal foot credit against your storage bill.
In late August, you will receive a winterization checklist to help us identify any winterization services you may like to select. Our winterization charges include spring commissioning so you do not have commissioning charges in the spring.

Our experienced labor force takes great care and pride in handling your vessel. We are determined to provide top quality service with continuity, consistency and value as no other marina can. We are proud to say, that because of the loyalty and support of our customer base, our storage building have been at 100% capacity each year since we built our first building. We expect to be at full capacity again this season, so we encourage you to reserve your space early.

We look forward to answering any questions. Please contact Marina Director Jack Madison or Service Coordinator Amy Shiets at 419.797.4414